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Its population is 73, as of [update]. Little is known of the early history of Kars beyond the fact that, during medieval times, it had its own dynasty of Armenian rulers and was the capital of a region known as Vanand. Kars was the capital of Bagratid Kingdom of Armenia between and Inshortly after the Bagratuni seat was transferred to AniKars became the capital of a separate independent kingdom, again called Vanand.

However, the extent of its actual independence from the Kingdom of Ani is uncertain: it was always in the possession of the relatives of the rulers of Ani, and, after Ani's capture by the Byzantine Empire inthe Bagratuni title "King of Kings" held by the ruler of Ani was transferred to the ruler of Kars. Injust after the capture of Ani by Alp Arslan leader of the Seljuk Turksthe Armenian king of Kars, Gagik-Abas, paid homage to the victorious Turks so that they would not lay siege to his city.

The Seljuks quickly relinquished direct control over Kars and it became a small emirate whose territory corresponded closely to that of Vanand, and which bordered the similarly created but larger Shaddadid emirate centered at Ani. The Kars emirate was a vassal of the Saltukids in Erzurum, whose forces were effective in opposing Georgian attempts at seizing Kars. Thus, it was only in that Zakare of the Zakarids-Mkhargrzeli succeeded in capturing Kars, joining it to their fiefdom of Ani.

Anatolian beyliks followed for some time after that, until it firstly fell into the hands of the Kara Koyunlu and subsequent Ak Koyunlu.

After the Ak Koyunlu, as it went naturally for almost all their former territories, the city fell into the hands of the newly established Safavid dynasty of Iranfounded by king Ismail I.

Following the Peace of Amasya of that followed through the Ottoman-Safavid War ofthe city was declared neutral, and its existing fortress was destroyed. In Kars successfully resisted an attack by the Russian Empire. During a break between the Russian campaigns in the region conducted against the Ottomans, incommander-in-chief Abbas Mirza of Qajar Iran occupied Kars, [17] further igniting the Ottoman-Persian War of After another Russian siege in the city was surrendered by the Ottomans on June 23, to the Russian general Count Ivan Paskevich11, men becoming prisoners of war.

During the Crimean War an Ottoman garrison led by British officers including General William Fenwick Williams kept the Russians at bay during a protracted siege ; but after the garrison had been devastated by cholera and food supplies had depleted, the town was surrendered to General Mouravieff in November The city's significance increased as the Ottoman and Russian empires contested its possession. Kars became the capital of the Kars Oblast provincecomprising the districts of Kars, ArdahanKaghismanand Oltuwhich was the most southwesterly extension of the Russian Transcaucasus.

In the following years the Russians supported the fortification of Kars. From to more than 82, Muslims from formerly Ottoman-controlled territory migrated to the Ottoman Empire. Among those there were more than 11, people from the city of Kars. At the same time, many Armenians and Pontic Greeks here usually called Caucasus Greeks migrated to the region from the Ottoman Empire and other regions of Transcaucasia.

According to the Russian census data, by Armenians formed However, by then Kars was under the effective control of Armenian and non-Bolshevik Russian forces. The Ottoman Empire captured Kars on 25 April[20] but under the Armistice of Mudros October was required to withdraw to the pre-war frontier [21] and Kars came under control of the First Republic of Armenia.

Much of the region fell under the administrative control of Armenia in January but the pro-Turkish government remained in the city until a joint operation launched by British and Armenian troops dissolved it on 19 Aprilarresting its leaders and sending them to Malta. Skirmishes between the Turkish revolutionaries and Armenian border troops in Olti took place during the summer ofThis is a prioritized list for tadzsikisztan.

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Short and long tail.Gaborone ,ke leina le le gatisitsweng kana le le biditsweng go reelela toropo ka Kgosi Gaborone. Gaborone ke toropo kgolo mo Botswanae na le palo ya batho ba leToropo ya Gaborone e agetswe fa gare ga thaba ya Kgale le Oodi, fa nokeng ya Notwane, mo borwabotlhaba jwa Botswana, gape e gaufi le molelwane wa Aforika borwa.

Ke kgaolo ya bodiredi le boeteledipele ka bo yone, gape ke motsemogolo wa kgaolo ya metse e e mo borwabotlhaba. Gaborone o ne a agiwa go nna motsemogolo ka ngwaga wa fa lefatshe la Bechuanaland Protectorate le tsaya puso, fa e nna lefatshe le le ikemetseng ka nosi. Mo gare ga toropo e go na le madirelo a dikgwebo, marekisetso, le mafelo a ga goromente a agilweng kwa bophirima jwa marekisetso.

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Toropo e ke nngwe ya ditoropo tse di golang mo lefatsheng, se se bakile mathata a tlhaelo ya lefatshe le go ipaya mo go seng ka fa molaong. Toropo e e nale dikgotlhang tse di tsenang mo lefatsheng go tswa ko Zimbabwe le Aforika Borwa ka ngwaga wa Gaborone ke motsemogolo gape ke toropo ya itsholelo; toropo ya bokopanelo jwa dikomponi le go fetola madi mo Botswana. Gaborone gape ke legae la Sethopha sa thabololo sa Aforika SADC komponi ya dichaba, ka tsholofelo ya go godisa itsholelo.

Bosupi bo supa gore go ne go na le banni ba ntlha fa lotshitshing la noka ya Notwane. Mo ditso tsa gompieno, Kgosi Gaborone o ne a tswa ko Magaliesberg go nna mo lefelong le kaa bo a bitsa lefelo le a re Moshaweng. Lefoko Gaborone ka thaloso le raya gore go lekana sentle ga go maswemaswe kana ga se gore ga le a siama.

Leina la go tshameka la, GCle tswa mo leineng la kampa ya goromente. Ka ngwaga wa ,toropo kgolo ya Bechuanaland Protectorate e ne ya fuduga go tswa ko Mafikeng go tla ko Gaberones.

Fa Botswana a tsaya puso motse wa Lobatse e ne e le one motse wa ntlha go tlhophiwa go nna motsemogolo wa lefatshe. Mme, Lobatse o ne o le monnye thata, gape go na le go dira jalo, motsemogolo o mosha o ne o ka agiwa gaufi le Gaberones. Toropo e e ne ya logelwa leano ka fa tlase ga ditsetlana tsa tshingwana tsa toropo le ditsela tse dintsi tsa batsaya ka dinao.

Ka nako e toropo e ne e agiwa, modulasetilo wa lekaishane la Gaberones, Geoffrey Cornish, o ne a tshwantshanya dipopego tsa toropo jaaka galase, e na le diofisi tsa goromente mo bo gare jwa galase le madirelo a kgwebo mo mafelo a marekisetso, kago ya teng e tswa mo bogare. Bontsi jwa bontlha bongwe jwa toropo bo agilwe mo dingwageng tse tharo. Dikago tsa ntlha mo Gaborone di akaretsa palamente, diofisi tsa goromente, madirelo a leokwane, sepatela, dikolo, madirelo a seromamoa, megala ya thaeletsanyo, madirelo a sepodise, poso le a mangwe a fetang dikgolo.

Mafelo a a ne a bitswa Naledi. Naledi ka thaloso o raya Naledimme gape leka raya ko tlase ga lewapi le le bolegileng kana motse o kgethegileng mo metseng e mengwe. Ka ngwaga waka ntateng ya go oketsega ga madulo e se ka fa molaong, khansele ya toropo ya Gaborone le bodiredi jwa goromente le mantlo ba ne ba sekaseka lefelo la Bontleng, le le neng la nna le mantlo a thwathwa e e ko tlase.

Mme fela, Naledi a tswelela ka go gola, le lethoko la mantlo la oketsega go feta. Ka ngwaga wakoporase ya mntlo ya Botswana BHC ya aga Naledi yo mosha, ka kwa ga tsela go tswa mo "Naledi wa bogologolo". Banni ba Naledi o mogologolo ba fudugela ko Naledi yo mosha. Mme fela, lethoko la mantlo la gola gape; go feta mo banni ba ba fudugetseng ko Naledi yo mosha ba ne ba seka ba rata mantlo a teng.

Mathata a a rarabololwa ka ngwaga wa fa Sir Seretse Khama, tautona ya Botswana, fetola Naledi g tswa mo mafelo a dikomponi go ya ko lefelo la matlo a thwathwa e eko tlase. Ka kgwedi ya lwetsi e le masome mararo ka ngwaga waBechuanaland e ene ya nna lefatshe la bo lesome le motso go ipusa go tswa mo pusong ya mmamosadinyana mo Aforika. Rra toropo wa ntlha wa Gaborone e ne ele moruti Derek Jones.

Mo bogareng jwa ngwaga wa ,lefatshe la Aforika borwa la tlhasela Botswana le bo le dira dithaselo mo Gaborone le melelwane e mengwe ya toropo towns. Ditlhaselo tse di ne tsa dira gore batho ba le lesome le boraro ba latlhegelwe ke matshelo [20]. Morago ga ditlhopho tsa ngwaga wadingongorego tsa tsoga mo Gaborone ke ntata ya letlhoko la ditiro le dikgang tse dingwe.Weatherzone offers a range of free weather products that you can easily incorporate into your website.

Weatherzone Business offers solutions that are innovative, tailored, flexible and responsive. Western Australia has been in the grip of a wintry air mass this week, causing Perth's coldest run of mornings in years, frequent fog, and even a fogbow. Weatherzone makes it easy for you to choose the access level that suits you best from a huge range of weather information and tools unrivalled in Australia.

Classifieds domain. Tropical Cyclone.

weatherbase europe

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Put weather on your site Increase web traffic and loyalty with dynamic weather content Free weather feeds. Business Solutions. Newcastle weather - Newcastle radar. Melbourne weather - Melbourne radar.

Brisbane weather - Brisbane radar. Gold Coast weather - Gold Coast radar. Canberra weather - Canberra radar. Adelaide weather - Adelaide radar. Perth weather - Perth radar. Darwin weather - Darwin radar. Hobart weather - Hobart radar. FAQ's Glossary Legend.It hosts the administration of Chernihiv urban hromadaone of the hromadas of Ukraine.

Although today it bears a tiny remnant, the city had a strong Jewish presence that was eliminated in several episodes of mass extermination during the Nazi occupation.

Chernihiv stands on the Desna River km 93 mi to the north-north-east of Kyiv. According to the items uncovered by archaeological excavations of a settlement which included artifacts from the Khazar Khaganateit seems to have existed at least in the 9th century.

Towards the end of the 10th century, the city probably had its own rulers. It was there that the Black Graveone of the largest and earliest royal mounds in Eastern Europewas excavated in the 19th century.

In the southern portion of the Kievan Rus' the city was the second by importance and wealth. The grand principality was the largest in Kievan Rus and included not only the Severian towns but even such remote regions as MuromRyazan and Tmutarakan. The golden age of Chernihiv, when the city population peaked at 25, lasted until when the city was sacked by the hordes of Batu Khanwhich started a long period of relative obscurity.

The area fell under the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in The area's importance increased again in the middle of the 17th century during and after the Khmelnytsky Uprising. In the Hetman State Chernihiv was the city of deployment of Chernihiv Cossack regiment both a military and territorial unit of the time. Under the Treaty of Andrusovo the legal suzerainty of the area was ceded to Tsardom of Russiawith Chernihiv remaining an important center of the autonomous Cossack Hetmanate.

With the abolishment of the Hetmanate, the city became an ordinary administrative center of the Russian Empire and a capital of local administrative units.

Klasyfikacja klimatów Köppena

The area in general was ruled by the Governor-General appointed from Saint Petersburgthe imperial capital, and Chernihiv was the capital of local namestnichestvo province fromMalorosiyskaya or Little Russian from and Chernigov Governorate from According to the census ofin the city of Chernihiv there were about 11, Jews out of the total population of 27, Their primary occupations were industrial and commercial.

Many tobacco plantations and fruit gardens in the neighborhood were owned by Jews. There were 1, Jewish artisans in Chernihiv, including tailors and seamstresses, but the demand for artisan labor was limited to the town.

There were 69 Jewish day-laborers, almost exclusively teamsters. But few were engaged in the factories.

Until 18 JulyChernihiv was designated as a city of oblast significance and did not belong to Chernihiv Raion even though it was the center of the raion. As part of the administrative reform of Ukraine, which reduced the number of raions of Chernihiv Oblast to five, the city was merged into Chernihiv Raion.

Chernihiv's architectural monuments chronicle the two most flourishing periods in the city's history - those of Kievan Rus' 11th and 12th centuries and of the Cossack Hetmanate late 17th and early 18th centuries. The oldest church in the city and one of the oldest churches in Ukraine is the 5-domed Transfiguration Cathedralcommissioned in the early s by Mstislav the Bold and completed several decades later by his brother, Yaroslav the Wise. The Cathedral of Sts Boris and Glebdating from the midth century, was much rebuilt in succeeding periods, before being restored to its original shape in the 20th century.

Likewise built in brick, it has a single dome and six pillars. The crowning achievement of Chernihiv masters was the exquisite Pyatnytska Churchconstructed at the turn of the 12th and 13th centuries. This graceful building was seriously damaged in the Second World War ; its original medieval outlook was reconstructed to a design by Peter Baranovsky. Eletsky monastery cathedral was modeled after that of Kyiv Pechersk Lavra. Note the contrast between its austere 12th-century walls and baroque 17th-century domes.

The earliest residential buildings in the downtown date from the late 17th century, a period when a Cossack regiment was deployed there.Use them to get the job done. In fact, most technical aspects of production are overrated. Focus on the emotion and the energy. Do something with it. Vocals are like cheat codes for engagement and interest in your track. Provide value to others. Break all the rules. Make this a dedicated effort.

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He said the reason he has returned is a chance to win the championship. I would be out of here. Coming back from this injury, we worked so hard. To come back this year, win a championship, it would be hard not to hang it up. The Great American Race is always about much more than horsepower and drafting.

It is about being aggressive at the right time and taking advantage of the small holes that other drivers leave. The driver who does this bestand has no mishap with any aspect of the carhas the best chance to win.

Everyone has to shake off the rust at Daytona, and Earnhardt has more of it than most of his competitors. That's why we like Keselowski to emerge here and take the checkered flag. He can bide his time and should have an excellent chance to run the favorite down and capture the title. He will face challenges from Logan, Elliott and Harvick, but this should be Keselowski's race to win.

weatherbase europe

Jamie McMurrayChip Ganassi Racing4. Denny HamlinJoe Gibbs Racing5. Matt KensethJoe Gibbs Racing10. AJ AllmendingerJTG Daugherty Racing11. Trevor BayneRoush Fenway Racing12. Austin DillonRichard Childress Racing13. Aric AlmirolaRichard Petty Motorsports16. Ryan NewmanRichard Childress Racing17. Kyle LarsonChip Ganassi Racing19. Daniel SuarezJoe Gibbs Racing22. David RaganFront Row Motorsports23. Kyle BuschJoe Gibbs Racing24.

weatherbase europe

Michael McDowellLeavine Family Racing25. Matt DiBenedettoGo Fas Racing28. Landon CassillFront Row Motorsports30. Chris BuescherJTG Daugherty Racing32.

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Jeffrey EarnhardtCircle Sport - The Motorsports Group35. Erik JonesWood Brothers Racing37. Paul MenardRichard Childress Racing38.

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